ROCKLAND Granite & Quartz Inc. is a locally owned and operated countertop supplier and fabricator with 20 years experience. We supply Granite, Quartz and Marble. ROCKLAND provides FREE ESTIMATES on any size project for both residential homes and commercial properties. We offer hundreds of colours and many materials to choose from, we also provide expert design help, laser templating, fabrication and installation of any project for kitchen, bath, outdoor dining, full-height backsplash, fireplace surrounds, etc. EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY THAT CANNOT BE BEAT. FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED. CONSUMER-ORIENTED. Your vision is our goal. Call today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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Granite countertops are made from a truly stunning natural stone. It can take millions of years for granite to form, but the wait is well worth it! This stone features a palette of rich hues and unique veining patterns that simply cannot be replicated or reproduced. Granite countertops are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and so much more! This natural stone offers decades of superior performance, unrivaled durability, and one-of-a-kind aesthetics. Best of all, granite countertops will never depreciate and will bring an excellent return on your investment.


Marble countertops are known for the exquisite beauty and unmatched durability they bring to any space. This natural stone has been used for centuries to create some of the most well-known works of art and architectural landmarks around the world. This natural stone offers a color palette that's diversly bold and plentiful. Marble countertops can be used to create a dramatic centerpiece or add understated elegance to other high-end features. From kitchens and bathrooms to fireplace surrounds and more, marble is well-suited for any space in your home.


Quartz countertops are a great choice for those who love the look of natural stone but hate the hassles of upkeep. This engineered stone is one of the hardest on the market and makes an excellent choice for high-traffic and heavily-used areas. Quartz countertops are non-porous and never need sealing, which means you won't ever have to worry about bacteria or viruses permeating your stone. Quartz offers stunning aesthetics, superior performance. and best of all—quartz countertops are nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance free!

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